infinity pool

The infinity pool boasts a length of 32 meters and a view of the majestic Pacific.
Enjoy a relaxing interlude of being at one with nature.

Features of the infinity pool

  • Feature1

    From spring to autumn
    The pool is open for your enjoyment in three seasons.

    The infinity pool will make you feel as if you are at one with the vast Pacific stretching out below.
    Guests can have fun using the pool as a cooling one in summer and warm-water pool in spring and autumn.

  • Feature2

    Can be enjoyed by all,
    both young and old.

    There is also a children’s pool that is 40 – 50 centimeters deep.
    At the poolside, we offer fire space (box seats) and other space for relaxation by all people, both young and old.

Use plans

1 Day Plan
  • Description

    Use of a pool with a coupon for use of the spa

  • Note

    For the hours of use, see the following details.

  Children (aged 3 – elementary school students) Adults (junior high school age or older)
Use by guests staying overnight Free admission Free admission
Use by people who are not staying overnight ¥1,000 ¥2,000
  • All figures for fees are tax-included.
Reservations for poolside spaceOption

  • Hours

    18:00 – 21:30

Fire space (reservations required) * Box seats seating up to about seven people ¥3,300
  • All figures for fees are tax-included.

Infinity Barrel Sauna

A barrel sauna installed by poolside.
Enjoy a luxurious time getting warmed
to your heart’s content.

Features of the infinity barrel sauna

  • Features

    An environmentally-friend sauna,
    built from local resources

    We have installed a barrel sauna made by ONE SAUNA.
    Made of Japanese-grown cedar, this is a Finnish-type sauna heated by löyly
    (löyly is Finnish for the steam that comes off hot rocks in a sauna).

Usage plan

Barrel Sauna Plan
  • Description

    Use of the barrel sauna for 90 minutes,
    with coupon for use of the pool/spa (with lending of a bath towel, sandals, and sauna mat at no charge)

Children (aged 3 – elementary school students): Adults (junior high school age or older):
¥2,200 ¥3,850
  • The fee for use by one person is ¥5,500 (tax-included).
  • Can be used by up to six people at the same time.
  • All figures for fees are tax-included.

Detailed information

Use hours
Infinity Pool
  • May – September (no regular day of closure)
    9:00 – 21:30 (admission until 20:00 in the case of use without overnight stays)
    * The pool may be closed on some days for maintenance, special events, etc.
  • Poolside bar (open only in summer, in July and August)
    9:00〜21:30(LO 21:00)
  • Fire space (May – September)
    18:00 – 21:30 For a fee, reservations required (not available on rainy days)
Infinity Barrel Sauna
  • Open 365 days a year
    9:00 – 21:00 (13:00 – 21:00 in the case of use without overnight stays)
Rental items (rental for a fee)
  • Sauna gown: ¥2,200
  • Sauna hat: ¥1,100
  • Bath towel: ¥550
    * People who use the infinity barrel sauna are given a bath towel free of charge.
    * All figures for fees are tax-included.

1F front desk

Infinity Pool
  • Reservations not required (register at the 1F front desk)
Infinity Barrel Sauna

Because slots are limited, please make a reservation well in advance.


You must wear a swimming suit in the saunas. Please make sure to bring one along.