A sauna house that can be reserved for use by a single party.
Let the soothing sound of waves wash over you while gazing at the vast expanse of ocean before your eyes.
We have prepared private space where you can have the magnificent view all to yourself.

The break we offer

Distance yourself a little from the everyday world
and take time for a gratifying break to warm both body and soul.
We would be delighted to become a place
where you can reset your body and soul, and recover your true self.

Features of “SAUNA HOUSE on”

  • Feature1

    Private-room saunas

    We offer private-room saunas for use by only a few parties per day. These are self-löyly saunas (löyly is Finnish for the steam that comes off hot rocks in a sauna) where you can spend time warming both body and soul, either by yourself or with a loved one.
    Let yourself feel all the vitality of the great outdoors spread out before you.
    We lend quality sauna gowns and hats to guests, free of charge.
    People using these saunas must wear swimsuits.

  • Feature2

    A garden terrace with a spectacular view

    The garden terrace encompasses a cold-water bath, outdoor bath (not filled with hot-spring water), and fresh air bath. You can have a relaxing interlude there while taking in the view of the Pacific Ocean.
    We have also prepared a limited-time BBQ Plan for use by large groups of family and friends.

  • Feature3

    Relax as if you were at home

    We have also readied a fully-provisioned living space including a mini kitchen, out of our desire to have guests make themselves right at home.
    We also offer several types of beverages supplied by producers in Wakayama Prefecture. You may bring in your own foods and beverages too.
    Because we have also prepared cribs for infants, children’s dishes, and other articles for use by children, you can bring children along with peace of mind.

  • Feature4

    Amenities that are friendly to the
    environment and users

    We have introduced amenities by F organics/ObyF, a made-in-Japan total beauty brand.
    Naturally derived materials (including water) make up more than 99 percent of the content of these products, and more than 95 percent of the plant ingredients used are organic.
    Treat yourself to skincare items born from the power of organic plants.

  • Feature5

    Furnishing only what is needed

    To preserve the ecology, we furnish only the minimum necessary amount of amenities. We do not supply disposable items such as toothbrushes and hair brushes, and do not furnish room wear.

  • Feature6

    Touches for out-of-the-ordinary experiences

    We also offer a massage plan for massages using aromatic oils and CBD.
    Because two people can receive this service at the same time, you can get a physically soothing massage together in a completely private space.
    Advance reservations are required.

Plans for use

Basic Plan
  • Hours

    9:00 – 22:00

  From two to eight people
Use for three hours ¥66,000
Use for four hours ¥88,000
Use for five hours ¥99,000
Use for six hours ¥110,000
Reservation for the whole day ¥165,000
  • Can be used by up to eight people (including children) at the same time.
  • All figures for fees are tax-included.
Optional Plans

If you would like to use one of the options, please notify our staff when making your reservation.

  • BBQ Plan

    This is a limited-time plan using local foodstuffs from Wakayama Prefecture.
    * Please make a reservation no later than 18:00 two days before the intended day of use.
    * Please ask about details when making your reservation.

    Starting at ¥7,700 per person
    Rental of a BBQ burner only: ¥5,500

  • Relaxation Plan

    An original spa plan using CBD and aroma oil

    60 minutes: starting at ¥9,900 per person

  • All figures for fees are tax-included.

Detailed information


9:00 – 22:00

and amenities
  • Sauna gown, sauna hat
  • Bath towel, face towel
  • Dryer
  • Electric kettle
  • Microwave oven
  • Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
  • Face wash, toner, milky lotion, cleansing
  • Body milk
  • Hair oil
  • Wine cellar
  • Wine, beer, plum wine
  • Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages
    * Guests are permitted to bring in their own foods and beverages

1F front counter


Please make reservations by telephone.
Tel: 0739-43-1000

The Reception hours are until 6:00 PM the day before.

Because slots are limited, please make a reservation well in advance.


You must wear a swimming suit in the saunas. Please make sure to bring one along.